It looks like things are returning back to some sort of normality with the current CORVID situation so,
Further Updates Will Be Posted
When Appropiate. 

skydive tandem.jpg

This event will be resheduled 
when the current situation improves regarding the CORVID
Tameside PRA.
inconjunction with
Manchester PRA.
The old Nags Head Manchester
Are holding a Combined sponsored event. and Mike Godrey aged 83 and
Robert Burgess aged 90
Narjia and Leah Walton from the Nags Head have volunteered to do a tandem Skydive  to raise funds. for our Associations
If you would like to SPONSOR them please contact us using the contact page or simply donate using our Donate Button on the donate page, or leave a comment on our Forum. 
Thanks to the Black Knights Skydive school 


September 14th 2019
 Charity Collection at Asda Store
Ashton Under Lyne